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As we own personal transport, we provide quick delivery from China to Kharkiv. It allows us to work with no middlemen involved, reducing transportation time and service costs.

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How we work:

  • Receiving the application
  • Consolidation and if necessary, additional packaging cargo in a warehouse
  • Cargo delivery from China to Ukraine
  • Cargo customs clearance in Ukraine
  • Cargo delivery to our client
  • Payment receiving

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If you order cargo delivery from China from reliable transportation company Карго-ннн, you have found the reliable and proper partner. We offer the best prices, take good care of the cargo, provide legal services and full informational support at every stage of the partnership.

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Delivery from China to Kharkiv

Chinese market is best known for its large variety of products and low prices. You can buy products cheaply for your business. But a lot of people are embarrassed by delivery from China to Kharkiv, especially when dealing with wholesale or bulky cargo. Cargo legal services, limitations, customs clearance, and other aspects can be frightening. And some just cannot find a reliable supplier.
However, these problems are easy to fix. Cargo delivery from China to Kharkiv is no matter of concern if you address for the help to the international logistics company Карго-ннн (Ukraine).

Delivery from China to Kharkiv with Карго-ннн

Transportation logistics is our main business dimension that our transportation company has been dealing with since 2005. The company takes the responsibility for negotiations with suppliers, purchase and delivery price calculation, legal services and delivering on a turnkey basis itself. Transportation costs a reasonable price. It is a lot cheaper than sending goods by a vendor directly to your address in Ukraine.

The procedure of cargo delivering from China to Kharkiv

How cargo delivery from China to Kharkiv is executed? Cargo delivery from China to Kharkiv is executed in several steps:

1.    Receiving the application and processing. You submit an application on the website, a manager processes it and shortly contacts you in order to discuss business arrangements. The manager will offer you the best option particularly for your case. For example, it can be carriage by air from China to Kharkiv.

2. Selection of the best suppliers according to your request. If you buy wholesale, it is vital to make certain of product legality and quality. Competent specialists will do it for you and provide progress report for work. It is an optional stage as supplier and product search might be not required.

3. Establishing a contract. At this stage we ought to calculate delivery costs and customs duty. If the price is agreeable for a client, then the contract is signed. Delivery price from China to Kharkiv depends on the mode of transport, cargo size and weight.

4. Shipping of the cargo to a warehouse in Guangzhou or Yiwu (China). Our logistics company negotiates with a vendor itself. The logisticians receive the cargo as soon as possible.

5. In a warehouse the cargo is formed: it is weighed, measured and labeled. Packing list is formed. Also, we can provide an additional packaging service. The company collects small cargo from different vendors, makes one consolidated load, and repacks the cargo. Consolidated cargo is much easier and more beneficial to transport.

6. There are two ways of delivering consolidated load from China to Kharkiv: fast carriage by air (within 14 days), and more longer, carriage by sea (within 45-55 days). Generally, carriage by air is selected for high-value cargo. An aircraft can deliver the cargo fast and carefully. Also, it is possible to order carriage by rail or by road.

Important Point! The cost of transportation, which is calculated at establishing a contract, does not change until duration of a contract terminates. If you need cheap delivery from China to Kharkiv, a partnership with DolhpinCargo will be the most profitable decision for you.
It doesn't matter which mode of cargo transportation from Chinayou choose: carriage by sea or air — the employees of the Карго-ннн company will do the job reliably, fast and with a guarantee.

Карго-ннн is reliable cargo delivery from China to Kharkiv.

Cargo delivery from China with DolpinCargo is in due time and for a reasonable price. Also, we deliver cargo to Kyiv and Dnipro city. Our company has been providing transportation logistics services since 2005, and we are a reliable and trusted company. Through ‘My account’ you can track your cargo location and condition at any moment.

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