. Equipment from China for small business (how to find and order)

At the moment, China is one of the leading suppliers of innovative technological equipment. We will reveal small secrets of how to find manufacturers of equipment from China for small and large businesses and which leading product groups build up the «equipment» category.

Manufacturing equipment from China

The PRC has been a powerful economic partner for many countries all over the world for many decades. And we are referring to really large, reliable and quality equipment that can be very helpful for Ukrainian businessmen. For instance, lathes from China are purchased by both beginners and experienced businessmen because Chinese equipment combines two important factors: a reasonable price and excellent quality. Such an approach allows to save financial resources and equip an enterprise with reliable, safe units with high-performance indicators.

Lathes for cold forging

If you decided to open a forge, lathes for hot and cold artistic forging are essential. The aggregate mechanism is a hydraulic press, which is equipped with a gas oven and a machine tool. Before purchasing, it is recommended to conduct a thorough search for equipment from China in the manufacturers’ catalogs and study the pros, cons and technical capabilities of all analogs.

Turning lathes

When opening a turning business, you can be sure that your services will be in high demand. For the work to be profitable and bring a good income, it is important to select high-quality equipment.

mini Machines from China

In order to objectify your plans, you will need a small heated placement, for example, a garage, and an electrical connection with a power of at least 15 kW. The price of the unit depends on the indicators of its performance and power. When it comes to delivery, you can save money by ordering cargo transportation of the equipment from China at the Карго-ннн transportation company.

Equipment for furniture manufacturing

What machines and mechanisms can be purchased from China for the manufacturing of furniture for reasonable prices in China? There are sliding table saws, edge banding machines, edge-trimming machines, mortising and boring machines and internal keyseaters in the range of the best Chinese manufacturers.

Woodworking machines

Speaking of mini-machines for processing wood, lathes from China for a business in a garage is one of the most profitable decisions.

machines from China for business in the garage

Such equipment is meant for work with furniture, materials for decoration and building, MDF and building blocks of flats.

Clients can purchase woodworking machines that are available in three types:

  1. Process-specialized.
  2. Universal.
  3. Single-functional.

In the early stages of home-based business development , a businessman might need a copying machine, circumferential stapler, wood sawing machine, polishing machine, combined machine and shaping bench.


Supplying equipment from China, including CNC machines, is an incredibly profitable and practical decision. It is possible to start a small business in a garage or a big business. Chinese manufacturers offer a huge variety of CNC machines that work with wood, plastic metal and a lot of other materials. CNC machines are divided into several types depending on functional features such as drilling, turning, milling and engraving.

Milling machines

The machine allows working with ceramics, polymers, iron and base metals, wood, natural and artificial stone.

manufacturing machines from China

If you need mini-lathes from China for this type of work, it is better to take a look at the CNC milling machines from RuStan, Redwood and Hyundai Wia.

Lego Brick Making Machine

It allows making blocks of different sizes. It is used only for manual work. The main features are low cost and high quality of the made product.

Equipment for producing concrete blocks

This equipment allows producing the required amount of high-quality cement-sand mortar for the construction of a barn, garage, house or any other structure in just a few days without any difficulties.

Glove making machine

In one shift it is possible to make up to 300 pairs of gloves using a machine from China. The main feature is the variety of manufactured product. These can be the follow types of gloves:

  • work gloves;
  • Frost proof gloves;
  • for routine use.

The products are made in different colors.

Equipment for a printing office

Purchasing industrial equipment from China, a businessman can save their personal budget and equip the printing office with the best printing machines with high technical characteristics.

industrial equipment from China

Stay tuned for updates and new-designed products from China on Instagram of the Карго-ннн company.

Food equipment

Today it is possible to purchase manufacturing machines from China to fully equip food production.

order equipment from China

They can be used to make dumplings, pancakes, chops, perogies, rolls and many other groups of food.

Equipment search in China

If a first-time entrepreneur doesn’t deal with finding machines for business, they can encounter certain problems that are not so easy to solve. One of the most important stages of running a successful business is searching for a supplier of equipment that can offer quality and materially beneficial products. This problem is relevant for both small and big business. In this case, transportation of equipment from China by Карго-ннн is a one-hundred-percent advantageous decision over all factors.

Ordering equipment in China

Contact the international transportation and logistics company Карго-ннн to order equipment from China by sea or air. We are ready to provide a service for searching equipment suppliers, consider the most popular items from the entire range of technological equipment for various purposes, which will help organize your successful manufacturing.

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