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If you are a beauty entrepreneur, then establishing relations with manufacturers and suppliers of quality makeup from China is the number one challenge in your business. It is great if a partnership is reliable, long-term and beneficial. It is quite achievable if you find a proper supplier and transportation company with an unblemished reputation and solid experience in its area. The Карго-ннн company fully corresponds with it. The services of goods by wholesale transportation from China to Ukraine is what every business, based on makeup range and care products sale, needs today. More information regarding a partnership with Chinese suppliers you can find on our Instagram page.

branded cosmetics from China

Clients will come back to you again and again if only your catalog includes Chinese quality makeup for reasonable prices. You can choose an acceptable option for transportation your cargo: by sea or by air. In either case, the transportation from China will be conducted promptly, efficiently and cost-effective. And our company’s service of cargo transportation from China will help you with that.

The best beauty products from China

Today, professional makeup (China) is in heavy demand among consumers all over the world, as it has one important advantage, which is naturalness. They are hypoallergenic, safe products, which are dominated by such effective and eco-friendly ingredients as pearls, seaweed, green tea, ginseng, shark cartilage and even pollen gold.

cosmetics from China wholesale

There are many brands on the Asian market. The top ten brand makeup from China, that have earned love all over the world, include:

Facial and décolleté care:

  • LANBENA — moisturizing eye patches..
  • BioAqua — Korean natural makeup from China. Bubble cleansing mask is popular.
  • MEITAN — anti-wrinkle cream that moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  • Farmstay Grape Stem Cell Wrinkle Lifting Cream — a lifting cream.

Decorative makeup from China:

  • Party Queen Brow & Eyeliner Cake Kit eyes Hollywood — a palette of quality and natural eyeshadow.
  • Menow — a mascara for eyelashes and sensitive eye skin with lengthening effect.
  • IImagic — a palette of pigmented eyeshadows with light shading
  • FFOCALLURE — eyeshadows with amazing pigmentation and a high retention rate.

makeup directly from China

Hair care from China by wholesale:

  • TianDe — a batch of anti-dandruff products and for silky hair.
  • TAI YAN — a conditioner for sensitive scalp with a firming effect.

All products are certified and meet all the necessary quality and safety requirements.

Where is the best place to buy?

By contacting the Карго-ннн company, you are able not only to purchase makeup directly from China, which is itself profitable and convenient, but also entirely free yourself from a lot of concerns. It is possible with the service called “on a turnkey basis”. To order makeup from China at a profit, it is necessary to know which manufacturers to contact. When choosing, the following points play an important role::

  • product range;
  • ability to get a no-cost consultation;
  • an offer to make purchases by wholesale;
  • favorable price — there is a category called «cheap makeup from China»;
  • having additional bonuses and discounts when ordering large volumes of goods.

Taking the above into account, supplying makeup from China will become an integral part of your business.

high-quality Chinese makeup

Beneficial delivery with Карго-ннн

Delivering goods by wholesale by our company from China is conducted promptly in compliance with the contractual deadlines. There are two types of cargo transportation: by air or by sea. Delivering Chinese makeup through Карго-ннн, clients get a full package of services, including customs formalities and delivery to the specified address. It is beneficial and convenient.

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